Tannat is an old black grape variety from southern France. Not very popular due to poor enhancement, it has nevertheless become the most planted grape variety in Uruguay. Let’s have a look at this forgotten variety!

Known to have a full body and high, harsh tannins, it usually requires several years of ageing before being at its best. Higher tannins levels come from its thick skin which also results in a higher amount of antioxidants where tannat scores first. Does it work? Let me have another sip of this dark fruit nectar to confirm its rejuvenating character 😉

Tannat originates in south western France, more precisely in the Madiran AOC that has been created in 1948. Madiran wine was, since the 17th century, used as mass wine. Also, due to its rustic and resistant character, it was added to blends to stabilise the wine for transportation. Over the years, the Madiran appellation gained a bad reputation due to lower quality, cheap wine and poor management of the particularly demanding grape tannat. What a sad story for such a promising grape, isn’t it? Actually, no because in 1979, Alain Brumont entered the game by inheriting the Château Bouscassé. He rapidly became the pioneer of the modern Madiran wines by changing the way of thinking about the tannat grape and acquired Château Montus that is now worldwide renown.

Our recommendation – Torus 2015 Madiran AOP by Alain Brumont

Structured yet fruity wine with round aromas of dark fruits, liquorice and notes of cocoa. This wine is the perfect representation of a modern, well made wine from the grape tannat.

The secret? Cold pre-fermentation maceration and a year of ageing on lees in stainless steel vats.

Torus is the ideal wine for a meal with friends around the barbecue. It also pairs with Asian cuisine.

Price range < 10€ at the estate 😍

Once you try it, you will never again forget about this beautiful grape variety!

Cheers 🍷

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