Easy guide to successful wine pairing

Let's start with the basics of wine pairing. When you know a few rules, it's actually not that complicated. The aim here is to help you avoid mistakes so that you can fully enjoy your wine and food together. ➜ Acidic & salty food increase sweetness and fruitiness of a 🍷 Acidity and saltiness are … Continue reading Easy guide to successful wine pairing

Terracotta amphorae

Usually, vinification and ageing processes happen in stainless steel or concrete vats and oak. But in recent years, this 8,000 years-old technique has (re)appeared in many wineries. Journey to the land of the terracotta. Far from being a new technique, the use of amphorae is a method dating back to the roman era. They are made of clay, come … Continue reading Terracotta amphorae