Beat the heat with a refreshing glass of rosé! But how’s this pink wine actually made? By blending red and white wines? Nooooo…😝! Well… it can eventually be a blend but let me explain the different methods.

Direct pressing

After harvest the red grapes are crushed and pressed gently. The juice is immediately collected without any contact with the skin of the grapes. This results in a very pale wine.

Short maceration

For this method, the grape juice undergoes a short maceration with the red skin to extract some colour. The maceration usually last between 2 and 48h depending on the amount of colour the winemaker wants to extract. The resulting wine tends to be stronger in colour.

Saignée (bleeding)

“Rosé de saignée” (bleeded rosé) is in fact a byproduct of red wine making. The winemaker will start vinifying a red wine and will concentrate the red wine early in the process. To do so, he will remove (or bleed) the tank that contains the juice and the skins. The juice that comes out is pink and will be vinified as a rosé that is richer in style.


Blending red and white grape juices is not allowed in the European appellations of origin, except for Champagne. Some new world wine regions that have less strict regulations of the vinification process, use blending as rosé winemaking method.

Our recommendation – Domaine Baravéou rosé 2018

This domaine is located in Bandol, in southern France. It happen to be the neighbour of Michel’s grand parents! So Jean-Philippe Fourney created the domaine Baravéou in 2011 and its first wine came out in 2015. The estate is very young nonetheless, the winemaking is well mastered resulting in highly promising wines.

90% Mourvèdre & 10% Grenache  

Bone dry rosé with delicate perfume of lychees and red fruits. Rich and structured, it remains easy having on its own. Perfect for light creamy cow's milk cheeses or for the local dish: bouillabaisse. 

Price : 16,00 € 

We plan on visiting the estate soon, stay tuned for coming news about this domaine. Until then, stay cool and sip rosé!

Cheers 🍷

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